What is Google My Business?

We are going to explain what Google My Business is and why it's important for every contractor to know about this free tool. You may have heard of Google My Business(GMB) or just hearing about it for the first time. Either way continuing to read will give you some useful tips about GMB and how you can use this tool for free.

Google My Business is Google's business portal for business owners to change info about their business profile. Things like hours of operation, new releases, pictures, respond to reviews, messages through google from potential customers. Sort of like a social media platform for your business on google. It's free to sign up but you have to get verified first before your listing goes live. Google needs to make sure you are who you say you are.

Google Business Profile is the listing on google and a Google My Business account is how you manage it. Your business may have a profile already and you may not have control of it. If this is the case, you have to claim it and create a Google My Business Account

Below is a Business listing displayed in Google's results- Jolly Plumbing

Posting on Google My Business

Is fairly easy. If you post on any other websites or social media apps, you'll be able to use GMB no problem. Posting regularly on your GMB keeps you relevant in Google results. This will help to improve your overall Google rank; improving your odds to rank higher in search results.

Promotions & Updates

You can promote new products, seasonal deals, updates, and more from your GMB account and it will be listed in front of your customers when they go to google your services. If you post regularly and have established a following, these promotions will be a lot more effective.

Update your customers on new events, changes, and special hours around the holidays. Even post updates and info related to recent Covid-19 policies.

Google My Business Dashboard:

This area allows you to update your profile, create posts. add pictures, study your traffic, call history, reply to messages and much more.


Contractors serious about improving their ranks in google should be using GMB to post pictures regularly of their work completed. Like mentioned before this helps to keep you relevant in the Google search engine.

Business profiles that post regularly get more views and attention than those that post less if at all. Google really likes when your customers post photos to your Google Business Profile. They tend to have a higher value than photos posted by the GMB owner.

Reviews & Messaging

Reviews posted by your clients can be responded to through GMB as well as responding to messages sent through Google. Getting as many reviews as possible will help improve your trust in Googles ranking system.

Whenever you get messages or reviews, it is highly recommended to respond to them as soon as possible. This improves your value in Google's results.

Local SEO

Google My Business is a great tool to help improve ones local SEO strategy. Incorporating keywords related to your business, products, and services will help Google determine whether or not to display your info for their searchers. Adding keywords into the content you publish through your Google My Business portal lets Google know when to display your content to its searchers. Replying to reviews and messages with the same or similar keywords is another great idea to maintain your relevance.


Google My Business is an incredibly valuable free tool every contractor should be using if they aren't already. The signup process is fairly easy and takes a few days minimum as the verification process takes some time with a verification code needed to be mailed and entered.

Make sure to respond to your audience promptly, whether a review or message.

Google likes quick, responsive answers.

Lastly, don't forget to post regularly whether pictures or promotions, this will help to keep you relevant in Google's results.

Thanks for reading!

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