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Marketing can be a tricky and costly part of the business if done without purpose and tracking results.  If done correctly, marketing can be easy while bringing in more business than you need.  By the end of these guides, one should be able to market their business or self and start receiving contacts/leads within a week! 

Social Media

Social Media

advertising with Social Media can be a powerful avenue to bring in new business and establish a presence in your target market.  Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. can help any business grow.  Whether it's through regular content or advertising your posts, growing your business is easier than ever.  There are tons of articles on advertising with social media so we won't go into too much detail on this page, but check out our blog for more info.

Home Service Review

Home Service Review Sites 

Luxury Home

Home service review services such as Angie's List, Home Advisor, Houzz, Thumbtack, Bark, and others offer some form of pay-per-lead service.  These services are great for getting a new business established and help an existing business get new customers and expand into new fields.  The most common methods are

  • Pay per lead -

  • Pay per Month

  • Or a combination

Home Advisor is an excellent example of a pay-per-lead service.  Leads are priced depending on job type and market.  For example, pool install leads are more than pool cleaning leads.  Customers submit a lead and Home Advisor sends those leads to 3 local contractors.

More in-depth reviews of these services in our blog, check it out

Services like Angie's List are pay per month and per category.  So, you could have a construction as a category and Landscaping or as many categories you want to pay for per month.  Angie's List is a 12-month contract, unlike Home Advisor.  Often times you can choose to pay an annual amount and save some money over the month-to-month cycle.


Brochures, Banners, Flyers, Yard Signs

Probably one of the older ways of marketing, but still effective nonetheless.  Brochures, Banners, Yard signs are still a great way to attract new business.  Combined with a good online presence (Google, social media, etc.) they really can deliver great returns.  

Yard Signs 

These are great because you hopefully are doing or completed a great job at a current customer, why not draw the attention of their neighbors who are in need of your service?  You already did a great job; now when their neighbor asks about it, your customer has practically sold your next job with all the good compliments.

Price: $20-$35- the more you order the better your price per unit


Not as great as yard signs but still have their place in marketing in todays world.  Great for events, sales, and grand openings.  Banners are made of durable material but always seem to get beaten up by the weather after a couple of years.

Price: $75-$250 plus

Colorful Pamphlets


Great to put up in local stores to advertise your services as well as for mailing.  They can also be a great tool for first-time customers if you have a range of services you provide.  This can give them a quick rundown while you are discussing their current project, all the while they are thinking of the next thing they want you to quote them for.

Price: $1-$10-the more you order the better your price per unit.

We offer marketing services as well as a preferred contractor list, where homeowners can find a contractor of their chioce.  

Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle Advertising
vehicle advertising pic.jpg

Vehicle advertising is a great way to increase local traffic sales while increasing business awareness.  You have to get to your jobs somehow, might as well do it while advertising your services.  

Vehicle advertising is a superior way to advertise your business and breaks down into a few categories:

  • Magnet & Stickers- cost-effective, efficient

  • Professional lettering

  • Partial Wrap

  • Full Wrap

Magnet & Stickers is a relatively inexpensive way to start advertising on your vehicles or equipment.  Magnets can be customized and ordered online from various places and at your local print shop.  It's nice to shop local and support a fellow business owner but sometimes online stores can give you better prices which can be crucial early on.  

Price: $50 to $100 plus


Professional lettering can be a bit more expensive than magnets but looks a grade above most magnet signs.  Simple in nature but provide a clear message to potential customers who you are and what you do.

Price: $150 to $600 plus

Partial Wrap is a professional grade vehicle graphic that covers most of the vehicle and incorporates lettering as well to complete the design.    

Price : $1000 to $1800 plus

Full Wrap is the top tier of vehicle graphics.  Typically covering 90% or more of the vehicle.  They tend to be more complex and colorful driving the message you're committed to your business.

Price: $1700 to $3000 plus 

Whichever route you choose to go, there is a high probability it will pay for itself in the first few months if not weeks.


Website, SEO, Google

Having a website isn't a necessity but it is highly recommended that a contractor in this day and age get one.  Social media pages like Facebook or Instagram can work in place of a website but having both would be better.  There are a number of services out there that offer web design as well as do-it-yourself services.  We'll cover a few of these and how to increase your rank in google and other search engines

Ranking in Google can be a never-ending task.  To keep your rank up regularly posting pictures and content will help keep you relevant, giving you a better rank.  

Things like:

  • N.A.P.- Name - Address - Phone Number: consistency is crucial with this, any differences across your internet pages will decrease your rank.  

  • Relevant and easy to navigate pages- google looks through your site, making it easier will improve your rank- having links to other pages in your site will likely improve but can make it confusing.  less is more

  • Backlinks- how many other sites link back to your site- the more you have the better your rank.  Although you can have fewer high-quality backlinks and a higher ranking than one with a lot of low-quality backlinks.

Website services like offer do it your self, drag and drop web design or a feature that asks you questions and designs your site for you.  With live help available.

Website on Laptop

See How We Increase Sales and Leads Continuously 

Find out how one of our clients saw a 246% increase in qualified leads to their website using one of our marketing plans for the last year. 


Just to their website,94 more leads from the previous year.

This does not include leads from social media, phone calls, direct emails, or search engine results.

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  • We are only going to accept a maximum of 15 clients, 4 slots are filled

  • We don't compete against our customers, so only 1 type of business per market area

Final Note

Marketing is not required, and there are plenty of companies that operate off of word-of-mouth only marketing.  Typically they have been in business for 10-plus years, but if you want to ensure you and your staff stay busy year after year then marketing should be a part of your budget.  Marketing allows companies to expand into new fields, corner their niche of the market, and ensure the growth of their business. 


Marketing is super effective when you apply good business practices and establish good relationships with your customers.  They will provide reviews, be references for future clients, and come back for their next projects.

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