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C & H Marketing is focused on the success of your business growing.  If you're not succeeding, then we aren't.  Succeeding in business involves many components working together.  The physical work will have to be done by you and your employees, but we have how-to guides and information on employees and other business topics.  


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Customer Results


This is a screenshot of the active lead report for one of our Landscape Construction clients using the Bronze Marketing plan

With one year of Bronze....


2 Webpages ranking on the first page of Google search results- with the 2 pages ranking on average between the 5th and 6th positions.  

A 246% increase in active customer leads from their website alone compared to the previous year.  The leads came from a Quote Request Page- customers fill out a form and are contacted by our customer when possible(sooner the better)


This does not include the potential leads that call right from a Google listing, Facebook post, or similar results.  

But using the figures we know, those 97 leads cost about $61.86 per lead (Cost of Bronze/year divided by the number of leads)

Some may think it's a lot to pay for an active customer, but that depends.  If your average profit per job is $500 then you are paying $61.86 to earn $438.14 in profit ($500-$61.86).  That seems like a relatively low cost for almost 440 dollars in your pocket.  

Customer Screenshot.png

(the customers column refers to purchases of online products- not applicable to our contractor)

Keep in mind more leads went uncounted outside of the website traffic.  It's safe to say there were another 40 to 60 leads (possibly more) from other sources not tracked. The average lead is likely to be around $38 to $43 or lower

Call tracking measures among other features can be set up for increased performance tracking.

Return On Investment

Using our previous figures of $500 profit per job, if you closed half the amount of known leads (97) which is 48.5 but we'll round down.  48 jobs times $500 profit per job is $24000.  That means you would have earned $18000 from your marketing investment. 

Final Word

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