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Most of our visitors leave our site with information that will save them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the next month, and thousands more on a yearly basis.  

Here is some food for thought:

If we can save you 10 to 30 minutes a

workday(M-F) that is $100-$300 per month! 


What would you do with an extra $100 to $300 per month?

For those of you with employees, think about this:

10 to 30 min per employee is $100 to $300 per month

2 employees= $200 to $600/m

3 employees= $300 to $900/m  

5 employees= $500 to $1500/m  

10 employees= $1000 to $3000/m

With these savings, you could afford a new truck, piece of equipment, perhaps another employee. 


That's just with 10 to 30 min, what if it was an hour?  2 Hours?  3 Hours?

     Informing homeowners of standard practices, available options, common problems, and other important info is beneficial for both parties.  It gives clarity on what's happening during their projects, what could happen, and ways to keep money in your pocket. 

      Our goal is to educate contractors to get the most value for their time and money We show contractors proper installation methods, business practices, customer relation etiquette, marketing, employees, taxes, and what it takes to maintain a successful business for years to come.  

We help businesses grow, will yours be next?
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